32 workers returned home as MoU workers to work in Thailand at a cost of eight and a half thousand kyats, but were not allowed to work as per the contract.

They went as MoU workers to work in Thailand at a cost of eight and a half thousand kyats, but they did not work as per the contract and had to work in a harsh lumber mill, so they returned to their home country of Myanmar on February 5 without being able to work.

The returnees said that the Burmese workers had signed a contract with an overseas employment search company, StarPinonia Company, in Yangon’s Panglong Hall to work in the woodworking industry in Thailand.

“When we signed the contract, the contract only said that we must work in the finished wood industry. Where would you go if you knew that you had to work at a sawmill splitting logs in the forest far from the city? Now the land circle, Interest and borrowers have suffered. We have asked for the expenses to be refunded, and if it is not convenient, we will file a complaint with the relevant authorities,” said Ko Thein Lin Aung from Tinpalingore Village, Minbu Township, Magway Region.

On January 10, 97 workers left the Myanmar-Thailand border Myawaddy Friendship Bridge and were forced to work at a lumber factory in the forest of Nong Khao Si Thang Mara Township.

“I get 300 baht a day, but it’s not worth it when I actually work. I am very tired. Life is in danger. That’s why they came back,” said Kolay Naing, who returned home.

Among those who returned, 18 men; There are 14 women, and it is said that women are not able to do this business at all.

“All the workers want to come back. They can’t do it. However, some people said that if they go back, their passports will be destroyed. Those who have come back now have to take out a mortgage. “I have to go around the farm, so I have to deal with the difficulties of family life,” said Zin Ko Oo, who returned home.

Due to the lack of employment opportunities in the country, there are many people who leave to work in Thailand and do not have to work according to the contract. Many people returned in 2017 because they could not find work in Thailand.

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