One village, one product rural development strategy plan, prioritizing the poor states and divisions, and planning and implementing a budget in the relevant ministries will be discussed in the National Hluttaw.

The National Hluttaw will discuss the proposal to implement the One Village One Product Rural Development Strategic Plan by prioritizing the poor states and regions, including funding in the relevant ministries.

At the National Hluttaw meeting held on February 5th, the proposal was submitted by Daw Tu May from Rakhine Constituency No. (11).

Myanmar has 65.6 percent of the working population (ages 15 to 64) and a high number of working people is an advantage for the country’s development. He said that grasping this advantage and creating employment opportunities is a position that can bring the country’s progress. In ASEAN countries, including Myanmar, the poor live in rural areas. Most of them mainly work in agriculture; The poor are coming to the cities to work. One village, one product. According to Daw Tumay, rural development programs are implemented in various ways depending on the country and region.

One village, one product project is supported not only by ASEAN member countries, but also by the People’s Republic of China. South Korea Mongolia and the United States have seen success due to emulation. As for Myanmar, small and medium-sized industrial enterprises can develop many interests by following the one-product-one-village project. By creating employment opportunities for the rural people, the income of the citizens will increase and the country will develop. The country’s working people, capital, Daw Tu May said that the government needs to help with technology.

One village, one product, human resources in implementing the activities of the project. local resources; raw materials, goods Daw Tu May said that effective utilization of local resources, including technology and culture, are key requirements.

There were no objections to the motion submitted by Daw Tumay, and it was decided to discuss it in the National Assembly.

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