Taung Ngu City’s historic Saw Nyin Naung Pagoda’s predecessor pagoda, Sein Phu Taw, was offered around Taung Ngu City with a courtyard ceremony.

On the morning of March 4th, we saw the Yadana Sein Phut and the Yadana Bird’s Ears from the ancient Pagoda of the historic Saw Ninaung Pagoda in Taung Ngu City.

In the history of Taung Ngu, Bago Region, the Yadanar Sein Phu from the Naung Pagoda of Myat Saw Ninaung Pagoda was enshrined on the streets of Taung Ngu on March 4, the 14th day of the new moon, Saturday morning.

It is reported that the pagoda festival of the historical Myat Saw Nyi Nung Pagoda is held every year on the full moon day as a long pagoda festival.

Before the full moon of this year, to the jeweled Sein Phut and the bird’s ear from the Pagoda’s predecessor. Opening the light Donation of whole gold pure gold plate, offering of gold paste, renovation, Re-offering the gifts donated by former donors; It is reported that some residents of the city led the donation of jewels donated by new donors.

In order to fix this, in the first week of February, the Jeweled Pagoda and the Jeweled Bird Myantana were temporarily removed from the Pagoda and moved to Taung Ngu City’s Thu Sam Tae Pagoda to Ko Khan Theedawgyi.

Meng La San Tao dance troupe while being offered Church flag bearers Church flag bearers, Beautiful white young men with peacock tails Shwe Road, Silver Road, Flower Road Paving, Little Fairies, Dewa Win Paving Group, Raja Win Pem Group conch shell group Yadana Sein Phut, the bird Myatna, Pongyin Yadanapapa Group, A group of young girls holding flowers With the opening songs of God’s glory, Taung Ngu’s U Ke Road, It is reported that they walked around the area along Major Po Koon Road and were offered offerings.

In the procession, the singing and entertainment vehicle of the classical singers of My Ma song was also included. police worthy Heman Ne Win, Sien Nuwa, and May Thet Swe also sang and performed music.

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