Online Appointment System to Apply for Passport The appointment system is still being updated and will be announced when the service resumes.

According to the February 27 release of the Myanmar Passport Issuing Office, the Online Appointment System for applying for a passport is still being updated and the service will be re-started.

In the statement, the system is still being updated for those who want to apply for an appointment. It will be announced when the service will be re-opened.

There are few requirements in the online appointment system, so the Online Appointment System system needs to be updated. The Myanmar Passport Issuing Office announced on February 25 that the application for a new date will be suspended for one day and will reopen on February 26.

However, the online appointment system has not yet been implemented and is still under development.

In addition, the Online Appointment System of the Yangon Myanmar Passport Issuing Office said that those who entered personal information and paid money on February 24, but did not get an appointment, can click on the button to check the appointment.

Furthermore, for those who applied for more than one joint application, the payment for all the applicants in the group has not yet been made, so they have not yet received an appointment.

Therefore, those applicants should press the check appointment button, enter a member’s name and National Identity Card number, and if a member finds a notification that there is a remaining payment due, the system will set an appointment.

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