Rakhine State The jeweled diamond head of Lokananda Pagoda in Sittwe, The president of Naska attended and offered a donation to the bird

Rakhine State Sittwe town’s charm, Lokananda Pagoda, jeweled and jeweled pagoda, On the morning of March 31st, the ceremony of offering the bird’s ears and the wedding ceremony of Buddha Bhise was held on the morning of March 31. Minpai City Priyatti Dhammaika Rama Seminary Pakhananayaka Agma Maha Thadhammajotikadhaza, Aga Maha Gantawaska Panditabaddanta Indrayya Minpa, the abbot headed by abbot, It is known that the monks came to praise him.

The ceremony was attended by Chairman of the State Planning and Administration Council, Prime Minister General Min Aung Hlaing; His wife, Daw Khu Khu Hla, Council Joint Secretary Lt. Gen. Ye Win Oo and his wife Councilors and their wives. Union Ministers Rakhine State Prime Minister and his wife Commander in Chief (Army, Navy, Air Force) and his wife Army officers and their wives from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of Defense Commander of the Western Regional Military Command, Invited guests officer war families It is reported that local people and clothing associations attended.

First, the president and members of Naska paid obeisance to the Buddha statue inside the pagoda cave. cold water Candles were donated and the ceremony started. It is said that the dayikamas recited the Ratanatta Puja Mantra and the Sabbathangaha Mettaputa Lanka.

After that, Naska Ukk and his wife Those who attended the ceremony received the nine precepts from the Minpaa monk, and the upasakas gave the flowers, fresh water Pret cotton, Pray sand was presented to the monks and the monks recited the teachings of the Buddha and worshiped them. fresh water Pret cotton, It is said that they took sand and sprinkled it around the pagoda compound and tied it to prevent it.

After that, the president of Naska and his wife aimed at the Buddha, the jeweled diamond head, He offered Sahatthikadana to the monks and donated items to the monks. Councilors It is reported that Union Ministers and those who attended the ceremony donated items to the monks.

Continuing, Sittwe City Dharma Sukha School’s Patron Saint Agama Pandita, After listening to the consecration hearing from Agama Mahatha Dhammajotikadhazabaddantathoma monk and pouring water for the donation portfolio, the President of Naska and his wife, The members are Yadana Sein Phut, The birds were carried in the wedding procession, and they went around the pagoda clockwise to offer the offerings, and were brought to the temporary offering place in front of the Great Wedding Pavilion. Those who attended the ceremony and the local ethnic people tied the wedding bands, and the Yadanar Sein Phut, The birds took him to the top of the pagoda in a flying chariot.

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