On his visit to Kachin State, Monk Myphon arrived in Moyin City and was crowded with worshipers

It is reported that during the trip of the Monk Mynphon to Kachin State, he arrived in Moyin City and was crowded with worshipers.

My Phon Monk Pagoda, Mo Nying City, On the evening of April 12, he preached his Dharma sermons on the lawn in front of the Tha Lin School campus in Tha San Ward.

Buddhists in Moyin have been making preparations for the visit of Monk Myphon to visit Moyin for about half a month.

It is said that the Monk Myng Phon will come to Jia Dam Village at the foot of the mountain on the way to the mountain of Goodness Longsot and Ice Mountain in Putao District, and will stay for about 15 days.

In order to worship the Master of My Phone, the Buddha’s Pagoda in Putao area, Zi Dam Village and Wyand Maw Township at the foot of Ice Mountain. Buddhists in the region also prepared preparations in Shwe Moe Daung Pagoda courtyard near Bal Min Tin Bridge in Maina Village.

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