The grand opening ceremony of the central pavilion of the Great Hall of Fame was held in Phyu

Bago Region Taung Nu District It is known that the opening ceremony of the central pavilion was held in Phyu City on April 13, 1384 (the day before Thingyan), starting at 9:00 am.

The Phyu City Maha Thingyan central pavilion was built at the top of General Street next to Bago Road and the opening ceremony was attended by the township level departments of Phyu Township Planning and Administration Organization. Ward administrators, City leaders, city leaders, It was reported that the township planning and administration team had a ribbon cutting ceremony attended by the invited guests.

At the ceremony, Moo Man Wai King started singing Thingyan song and Yaem beauties performed individually and as a group of Yaem dancers.

It is reported that during the days of the Mahainkan festival, entertainment programs will also be included in the water sports pavilion.

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