Taunggyi City A large number of people enter the meditation camp at Mokot Vipassana Dhamma House during Thingyan

Taunggyi City It is reported that many people enter the meditation camp during the traditional Burmese Ata Thingyan at Mokot Vipassana Dhamma House.

During Thingyan 2023, more than 400 people entered the meditation camp. Dullaba monks (46) Teacher and nun (28) Reportedly. In particular, the number of Brahmins and nuns has increased.

Taunggyi City At Mokot Vipassana Dhamma House, the Thingyan (10) day work camp is being opened for ten days from April (8) to April (17). In leap years, 10 (10) events are held a year. The meditation camp opened during Myanmar’s traditional Ata Thingyan period is the second meditation camp, and there are still eight (8) more meditation camps to be held. Taunggyi Moekok Dhamma House has invited yogis who did not attend during the Thingyan period to come and meditate at the rest of the meditation camps.

Taunggyi City In 2020, Mokot Vipassana Dhamma House closed its meditation camp for more than 2 years due to the global epidemic of covid-19. In 2022, only 4 events and one day were held. 2 events were held in 2023.

Taunngyi, Myanmar, November 23 2018 – The Hot Air Balloon festival in Taunggyi is a four day festival celebrated yearly in november. Tens of thousands gather every year.

mountain The Thingyan special meditation camp held at Mokot Vipassana Dhamma Sevatha was held in all areas. It is reported that various classes from various cities participated.

This year, 2023, due to the increase in the prices of general goods, it is said that the permanent alms donors have been called to inform and negotiate.

mountain It is reported that clean water is used to maintain health in Mokot Vipassana Dharma House.

In Taunggyi Township Due to the increase in the number of meditation centers, it is reported that people entering meditation centers are entering many places.

In Taunggyi Township, Mokot Vipassana Dharma House, Mahasan religious house Dhamma Sukha School School of Dharma Jewels Dharma Garden Enlightenment In Plein Village, the Eternal Dhamma House Seminary, Dhamma House, It is reported that there are many religious centers in the industrial zone, such as the Chanmong Dhamma House.

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